______________   SUSTAINABILITY    _________________

Changes within economy, environment and societies are accomplished much faster and more intensively than in the past due to technological innovations, opening of markets respectively by reducing trading barriers - and the number of persons involved has become bigger.

The public perceives this as 'economic
globalization' and the challenges accompanied therewith are debated controversially since the consequences of these processes are ambivalent. There are winners and losers.

Yet this kind of globalization, where economic growth counts first, is unsustainable if it doesn't include the social and environmental dimension, i.e.
economy-society-environment have to be looked upon altogether simultaneously. Since it is proven, the most sensitive issues within globalization are connected with the environment (Rio+10, Environment and Development) and questions dealing with cultural identities. These are the issues where breakages and ruptures will come up (arise)first.

In order to preserve 'cultural diversity',even under a predominant economic globalization, you need knowledge and understanding of the world. That's the reason why global competitiveness demands education. And this kind of education asks for a new approach of thinking where the different dimensions are put into a structure of interconnectiveness and decion-making structures have to be revealed. Only then you'll be able to come to conclusions which are related to a sustainable and viable future - 
Analysis of the different dimensions - consequences!