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There must be a fundamental change towards sustainability in the economy, in the communities and in the civil society: Why?
* With regard to the economic globalization - practicing sustainable environment and sustainable consumption (use of resources) will give you more economic competitiveness,
* governments are asked to implement international recommendations and fulfil treaties (Agenda 21 and e.g. The 6th Environmental Program of the EU),
* by insight - the individual has to accept more responsibility in the future because governments put responsibility again into private hands since they cannot cope with the abundance of internationalized issues and
* we are responsible for the following generations and should practice solidarity with the people in developing countries.
The masses of information on 'Sustainability' are enormous, yet only 13% of the German population know what is meant by sustainability. And that's the problem. We are missing a pilot-system which enables the individual to find access to this new approach by didactly prepared materials which make this comprehensible. That's the only way to realize this principle since the whole society must be involved to make this work.
         Sustainable Future Instructions

     SFI: What is 'sustainability?
     SFI: Which indicators show whether it is sustainable (Sustainability Index)?
     SFI: How can leaders be trained to come to sustainable decisions, based on values and responsibility?
     SFI: Which methods and strategies are approriate to do this?

                           Independent Consultancy for a Sustainable Future