___________________________ A VIABLE FUTURE ______________________

Within the interconnectiveness of environment and society, the economy prosecutes pressures on both in variable manners; this results in responses: change in behavior or 'business as usual'. The CO2 emissions per capita reflect this paradigmatically, dependent on the cultural region and its lifestyle.

Objectives have to be set and accomplished in order to gain sustainability. Economy and education are the decisive agents. By making use of both, you have to look at the underlying dimensions of the challenges with a new perspective and with integrative thinking. This is necessary in order to follow the principles of sustainability and to accept responsibility for things which are far ahead and away (time and space).

And education, after being reformed to 'Education for a Sustainable Future' must provide the TOOLS (key qualifications) by which you may counterbalance the three dimensions, being opposed in an cube of tension. Moreover this approach will enable economy to gain global competitiveness. But to do this kind of counterbalancing successfully you need two suppositions:
* Decision-making structures have to be revealed
* Decisions must be oriented towards responsibility and be based on values.


          Objectives for gaining Sustainability
              * social stability
              * economic development
              * environmental stability

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